The Science is Settled

No, this isn’t a post about climate change!

It’s a post on how companies continue to get sales hiring wrong by ignoring the use of science as part of  an effective sales selection process.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the saying, “When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” Too many companies are using the same hiring process to hire salespeople as they use for non-sales employees. And they are using the same assessment tools they use for screening non-salespeople to screen sales candidates.

These are the wrong tools to use because typically, these assessments are really behavioral or personality tests and not sales specific. They’re not predictive of the candidates future success for the position. Most importantly, they don’t measure the right competencies and sales DNA for identifying over achieving salespeople.

What happens when hiring companies ignore science? Costly hiring mistakes! Very costly. If you want to find out what a hiring mistake costs your company, go here and use our Free Hiring Mistake Calculator.

Recent Gallup research data shows there is a 20% increase in sales when companies select the right salespeople. Your company can take advantage of science when dealing with the challenges of hiring high performing salespeople by using the most accurate and predictive sales candidate assessment by Objective Management Group.** This assessment has been chosen as the Top Sales Candidate Assessment for 5 consecutive years.

The science, at least when it comes to hiring great salespeople, is settled.

**Exsell is a Certified Partner of OMG





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