How Do Your Salespeople Measure Up?

We’re almost halfway through 2017 and business owners, company presidents and CEO’s are looking at their progress toward their sales goals for the year. With the national economy growing (slowly and surely) they are feeling more confident in current business conditions. Revenue is coming through the door, margins seem to be holding up and they are cautiously optimistic.

However, they also know that selling continues to change dramatically from past years and it’s getting harder.

-It’s more difficult to reach prospects

-Prospects do not have time to meet

-There is much greater resistance

-Salespeople are getting invited in later and later in the sales cycle

-There is greater need to differentiate

Knowing all of this, business leaders are asking themselves, “Can our sales team continue to meet these challenges and perform at the level we need to reach our goals?” Or said another way, “How do our salespeople measure up when it comes to our industry/”

When it comes to looking at sales performance, Objective Management Group (OMG) has a very cool new tool that business leaders are using to see how their salespeople compare with other salespeople in their industry or with all salespeople. If you check out Dave Kurlan’s blog post, scroll down to ‘Here how it works’ and take advantage of data OMG has gathered from over 11, 000 companies, 1 million salespeople in 200 industries in the last 22 years to gain insight into your sales team.


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