Sales Messaging – A Lost Art?

I came across some interesting research recently that got me thinking about what companies are doing (or not doing) with their sales messaging. Before I go any further let’s use this working definition of sales messaging—saying the right thing, to the right prospect, at the right time in the selling cycle.

I asked myself the following question. Does sales messaging give a sales organization any competitive advantage in the market place?

Research seems to suggest that it does in several profound ways. Companies that devote time and attention creating and effectively delivering great sales messaging see up to one-third more of their salespeople achieving their sales goals, see their reps win opportunities 20% more often and experience about one-third less turnover on their sales staffs.

Companies that excel in sales messaging appear to do four activities better than their competition:

  • They identify the real value they offer to customers
  • They link their real value to the customer’s value requirements
  • Their sales messaging describes differentiation that has staying power in the marketplace.
  • They get the message out into the marketplace.

Making these activities come to life requires two more necessary steps. First, sales organizations make sure their sales teams not only buy into the sales messaging but that they also ‘get it’ and can effectively communicate it to customers. Second, flawless execution in front of the customer is absolutely essential to complete the process.

Looking for a strategy to help you hit your sales numbers this year? Fine tuning your sales messaging may be the answer.


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