What’s In It For Me?

I recently attended the 2008 WMEP Manufacturing Matters! Conference in Milwaukee. One of the speakers was Doug Hall, founder and CEO of the Eureka! Ranch, a business development consultancy that helps companies discover measurably smarter choices for growth.

Doug had several valuable insights about growing businesses that apply to the sales process as well. One of these insights related to three questions that customers ask themselves when evaluating whether to do business with your company:

“What’s in it for me?…What’s the benefit to me? What kind of experience will I enjoy by doing business with you? Can I quantify it and put a number to it?”

“Why should I believe?…Are you for real? Will you do what you promise to do do? What reason do I have to believe you?”

“Why should I care?…Is there any difference between what you are telling me and what your competition is saying? Is the difference dramatic enough to make me stop doing what I am doing (with someone else) and start doing it with you?”

How does this relate to you if you are a CEO, President or Owner of a business? Here two questions to ask yourself?

1)       “Does our sales team’s sales messaging address customers’ questions about

       our company?”

2)       “How effective are our salespeople at introducing and answering these questions

       in front of customers?”


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