Crunch Time

The “R” word is now official—recession.

Depending on what industry you work in, you may feel that the economy was in recession long ago.

Regardless, many salespeople have not experienced an economy like this one and for many of those sames sales professionals it is “crunch time”. They are about to find out what kind of commitment they have to themselves, their personal success and their profession.

Do they have conditional commitment? This means they are committed to their success or will execute necessary actions in the sales process as long as what they have to do is not too difficult or they are not afraid, uncomfortable or in disagreement.

Or will they find out they have unconditional commitment? This means the salesperson is willing to do whatever it takes to be successful, no matter what! Even if it is difficult! Even if they are afraid! Even if they are uncomfortable! Even if they don’t agree with the sales strategy!

If you are a salesperson reading this, what kind of commitment do you have?

If you are a sales leader (President, CEO, VP-Sales, Sales Manager) reading this you already know what kind of commitment you want from your sales team. The question is this–what kind of commitment do your salespeople have today?


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