The three most important words in sales process, process, process.

I know, that's a cheap rip-off of the old real estate maxim. However, that admission doesn't diminish the value of the statement.

There are many things that are important for success in sales–asking great questions, being a good listener, the ability to emotionally detach in order to enhance execution of a sales process, being gutsy and recovering from rejection quickly to name a few.

Having these competencies present in your sales team is necessary for helping them to incrementally get stronger in the sales process. Sales leaders (presidents, CEO's, V-P's of sales, sales managers) who are looking for a quantum leap forward or want to impact their sales culture, should instead put in place an effective sales process first.

What are the qualities of a sales process?

It must have two qualities:

First, it must have defined steps that are clearly performed and, when executed effectively, deliver expected results.

Second, it must have a clear, concrete method of measuring progress.

This is the 'common language' that sales organizations need for strategizing, coaching and pipeline management of their sales opportunities.

When everyone in the sales organization begins to use a dedicated sales process, certain efficiencies are immediately realized:

  • Sales opportunities are qualified quicker (and cheaper)
  • Sales opportunities are disqualified quicker (and cheaper)
  • Briefing and debriefing of sales calls take less time
  • Sales resources are focused only on opportunities that deserve them
  • Management has better visibility into its sales pipeline
  • High-performing salespeople thrive in a sales environment that stresses accountability
  • Poor performers are exposed and moved out or leave on their own

Companies who have put processes in place on their manufacturing floor or for delivering services to  customers to achieve more efficiency and productivity and now want to gain those same results in their sales department should design and implement a dedicated sales process…today. 


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