Commitment to Success in Sales – How Important Is It?

During the last eighteen year that I've been working with companies and their sales organizations I've seen many changes in the profession of sales.

Here is groundbreaking news about one of those changes.

One of the necessary elements for success in sales is the level of commitment that a salesperson brings to the process. The willingness to do 'whatever it takes' to be successful is a common trait among all high-performers in sales. I'm not talking about conditional commitment ("I'll do it as long as I'm comfortable, not afraid or I agree with it.") I'm talking about unconditional commitment ("I'll do it no matter what.")

Now Dave Kurlan of Objectivement Management Group has put forth a very convincing case that of the four crucial elements–Desire, Commitment, Responsibility and Outlook–Commitment has now passed Desire as the most important element for success in sales! To find out why, you can read Dave's recent blog post, Top 10 Reasons Why Sales Commitment Has Become More Important.

The impact of Dave's finding cannot be underestimated. In looking at why salespeople struggle to get sales, sales organizations tend to overlook the amount of commitment on their team. Instead they blame  a lack of closing skills or not enough new prospecting calls. They look in all the wrong places except the one right in front of them–no commitment on the part of the salesperson.

Check out Dave's blog post and let me know your thoughts in a comment.


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