Executive Briefings

Executive Briefing:  Several times a year, Exsell presents an Executive Briefing. These programs are focused on the areas of:

-Sales Hiring
-Sales Force Assessment
-Sales Leadership Coaching

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2020 Dates:
February 21 in Green Bay, WI
April 17 in Green Bay, WI
September 11 in Green Bay, WI
October 16 in Green Bay, WI


Executive Briefing –High Performance Sales Force and Leadership Development Agenda

A Proven Approach to Getting Results, Not Excuses

Are you experiencing any of these common frustrations managing and coaching salespeople?

    • Not reaching your sales goals or not properly coaching your sales team?
    • Difficulty getting consistent performance from your salespeople?
    • Difficulty motivating “average” performers?
    • Not having a structured sales process or sales management system?
    • Frustration with missed orders you should have closed?

A Proven System to Hiring “A” Players

 Are you experiencing any of these common frustrations hiring salespeople?

    • You have hired people you “liked”, only to get burned in the process?
    • You still don’t know why some people will sell, while others won’t?
    • Knowing how to effectively interview and screen to hire top performers?
    • You want to know what their hidden strengths and weaknesses are before you hire?
    • You want to be able to predict ramp-up time?
    • How long before they make money?  How long do I keep them before I know it’s over?
    • You want to know what training they will need, if any?

Journey From Manager To Leader And The Next Level

Slowing Down To Speed Up:  Are you experiencing any of these common frustrations?

  • Not reaching your goals or not properly leading your team?
  • Difficulty getting consistent performance from your team?
  • Tired of personality conflicts and/or power struggles?
  • Worried about chronically sagging sales results?
  • Frustrated with a lack of alignment and a lack of coordinated effort?