Leadership & Sales Development

Founded in 1990, Exsell is a leadership and sales development firm dedicated to helping our clients and individual professionals grow and achieve success. We specialize in sales coaching, sales talent assessment, and sales force training and development to increase revenue and sales by focusing on a continuous sales improvement process.

What We Do

We work with our clients to increase sales by developing scalable, sustainable sales strategies, systems, and processes based on best practices in the areas of:

Sales Hiring Assessments

Sales Force Assessments

Sales Force Training & Development

Sales Individual, Team, and Leadership Development & Training

Sales One-on-One Coaching

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Why Choose Us

Our experience and expertise, along with our world-class suite of sales assessment and sales development tools, take the guesswork out of the equation. We help client companies increase sales to grow their revenues profitably and build world-class sales cultures using best practices to attract, acquire, and retain business and customers.

Dedicated to improving sales and business effectiveness and productivity for a wide range of clients – from high-tech manufacturers to those who sell intangibles and business consulting services.

Dan is a speaker for Sales and Marketing Executives. His background in sales, sales management, and marketing includes the Hoover Company in merchandising and wholesale sales and sales management; Telecom North in telecommunications sales management and marketing; and Exsell in sales, sales management training, and sales strategy consulting. He understands what is required of successful professional business people in today’s marketplace. He also understands the requirements companies need for continued growth.

Jim works with company presidents and owners, vice presidents of sales and marketing, sales managers, and professional salespeople, helping them adapt their sales cultures and get stronger in strategic sales planning. A dynamic trainer and speaker, Jim has presented to sales teams, TEC groups, and SME associations throughout Wisconsin and the country.

Professional Sales Training and Development

The vast majority of companies don’t have a formal, defined, optimized sales plan or process. Exsell will work with your sales team management to design and implement a results-oriented sales training program that changes behaviors and results.

In Our Right Track Selling System Boot Camps, You Will Learn How To:

  • Gain control of the sale
  • Identify early on which sales you can win and which you can’t
  • Separate yourself from your competition on something other than price
  • Identify and get paid for your “differentiating value”
  • Increase your results by increasing your self-concept
  • Maintain control of the sales interview, from approach to close
  • Avoid being used as an unpaid consultant by those who shop your ideas but don’t buy
  • Develop a system to move beyond prospecting to business development
  • Develop a common language to build your sales culture on

Sales Leadership Coaching

Most sales leaders manage paper rather than people. Exsell develops sales leaders who manage through the four key sales management competencies: coaching, motivation, development, and accountability.

Talent Assessments

Do you know which of your salespeople are trainable? What’s keeping them from overachieving? How much better they can be if you put them into a training development program? Exsell has a suite of world-class sales force training and assessment tools that provide answers to all of these questions along with insights, recommendations, and action steps that produce results in new business development.