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Five ‘Don’ts’ of Effective Sales Coaching

In my last post I discussed the ‘DO’S’ for effective coaching of salespeople. Here I want to share five short ‘DONTS’ for sales leaders or sales managers. There are more than these five but these are a good place to start.

1.  DON’T accept excuses from salespeople. Excuse-making allows a salesperson to avoid responsibility for their results that don’t meet your expectations. Performance and results will not improve until excuse-making stops.

2.  DON’T end a coaching session focused on specific customer opportunities without a commitment from the salesperson to execute the next necessary sales step properly and promptly.

3.  DON’T begin a sales debriefing by asking the salesperson “What happened with your sales call on ABC Company?” Rather, ask how the call ended and work backward from there to determine how the salesperson arrived at the outcome they did. Doing this saves time and will get the real sales issues on the table quicker.

4.  DON’T accuse or point fingers. This causes defensiveness by the salesperson. Instead, begin a questioning process to help the salesperson discover their errors that prevented them from getting a better result. 

5.  DON’T allow the salesperson go off on tangents during the discussion. Keep them focused and use the allotted time productively. Doing so sets a good template for future sessions.

Companies who are looking to grow sales and profitability will see quicker improvement by implementing on using stronger, more effective sales coaching before investing in any training for their salespeople.


Hello World!

After a little time off, my blog is back–it’s now part of Exsell Inc.’s newly redesigned website.

We’re proud of the new site and the updated ‘look’ and hope you like it as well! Check out the Free Resources page and take advantage of the offers you’ll find there.

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Ten Selling Rules Your Sales Organization Should Know

There are many rules your sales organization should know and be putting into practice in growing sales. Here are ten rules that are an excellent start in systematizing your sales process:

1.   Before you start a sales call always have an upfront agreement.

2.   When leaving a sales call always know "What happens next?

3.   You will get the outcome you think you will on a sales call.

4.   Make prospects qualify for your time.

5.   Find a problem (pain) you can solve before presenting a solution.

6.   Closing a sale is a point in time–not a step in a process.

7.   Listen for the beliefs behind the prospect's words and respond to those beliefs.

8.   When talking with prospects, if you feel it, say it…softly.

9.   Never talk about money before you have found the prospect's pain.

10. Stop hearing objections and start hearing statements from your prospect.





My name is Jim Nelson, principal of Exsell Inc., a sales development firm specializing in helping CEO's, company presidents, business owners and entrepreneurs grow revenue profitably. I spend the majority of my time coaching sales leaders and their organizations to get more of their desired results in the sales process.

Please check back to read my sales tips, observations and general thoughts regarding the challenges companies and their sales teams are facing everyday in their marketplace.

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